System Overview

The Security Operations Management System (SOMS) is a software platform designed to streamline and enhance various aspects of security operations within an organization.

System features include a Dispatch Module, Report Management, Property Report Management and a Parking Management System.

Dispatch Module

The SOMS Dispatch module allows security personnel to efficiently manage and assign tasks, incidents, and responses. Key features include:

  • Call Entry: The Call Taker enters the details of a call for service into SOMS including the type and location of the call and the name and phone number of the caller.
  • Call Assignment: The Dispatcher assigns the call to one or more field officers. SOMS tracks the time the call times for each individual unit.
  • Officer Safety Monitoring: Depending on the call type, the dispatcher may be alerted to check on the safety of the officer at pre-defined intervals.
  • Report Number Assignemnt: With the click of a button, the dispatcher can assign a report number to call if requested thus initiating the online reporting process.

Incident Reporting System

Reporting features assist in generating, analyzing, and sharing data related to security operations. Key features include:

  • Online Security Reports: Capture detailed information on an incident, persons and vehicles involved, property descriptions and detailed narratives and unlimited supplements.
  • Incident logs: Maintaining detailed records of incidents, responses, and resolutions.
  • Analytics and insights: Extracting trends and insights from the data to improve operational efficiency.

Parking Management System

Parking system features aid in managing parking facilities and ensuring proper control and security. Features include:

  • Parking permits : Issuing and managing parking permits for authorized personnel.
  • Violation tracking: Recording and managing parking violations and issuing fines if necessary.
  • Reporting: Generating reports on parking space utilization and violations.