In developing our products, Cadresoft follows a specific methodology for developing software in a flexible and iterative manner.


Agile software development is a set of principles and practices that prioritize flexibility, collaboration, and customer feedback throughout the software development lifecycle. Here are some key concepts associated with agile development:


Iterative Development: Agile development involves breaking down the software development process into smaller, manageable iterations or sprints. Each iteration typically results in a working piece of software that adds value to the project.


Collaboration: Agile emphasizes close collaboration between different stakeholders, including developers, designers, product owners, and customers. Regular communication helps ensure that everyone is aligned and working towards the same goals.


Adaptability: Agile methodologies like Scrum and Kanban encourage teams to be adaptable to changing requirements. Instead of trying to predict all requirements upfront, teams embrace changes as they arise.


Customer Involvement: Customers or product owners are actively involved throughout the development process. Their feedback helps shape the product, ensuring that it aligns with their needs and expectations.


Continuous Improvement: Agile teams regularly reflect on their processes and seek opportunities for improvement. This could involve refining development practices, addressing bottlenecks, and finding ways to work more efficiently.


Prioritization: Agile teams focus on delivering the highest-value features first. This approach ensures that the most important functionalities are developed and delivered early in the project.


Working Software: The primary measure of progress in agile is the delivery of working software. This contrasts with traditional models where progress might be measured by completed documentation or other artifacts.


Cross-Functional Teams: Agile teams are often cross-functional, meaning they have members with diverse skills required for development, testing, design, and other aspects. This structure promotes collaboration and knowledge sharing.


Cadresoft uses the Scrum methodology of agile development which includes a set of practices and roles that contribute to the success of the development project. Our specific implementation of agile practices involves variations based on our unique needs and circumstances.